Why We Are Attending Indy’s MBO Conference

Written by Chris Lucas on October 13, 2010

Posted in Formstack Updates

A lot of people travel far and wide to find conferences that provide true value. Not just your typical “networking” conferences, but ones that will give you concrete tools and actions you can take home and implement. Here in Indianapolis we are lucky to have a conference that fits that criteria to a “T”. It is called the Masters of Business Online or MBO. It is a truly great conference and one that we have been a part of for all three years of its existence, either as attendees, speakers, or sponsors.

We are heading back this year with a handful of our team members because it has a truly great lineup of national and local speakers, a wide variety of attendees, and yes, some great networking opportunities.

MBO has three different tracks you can choose from, which include: “Understanding Your Audience”, “Choosing Your Platform”, and “Real World Case Studies”. The different tracks allow you to choose what you want and what you need to learn about. Some of the more “famous” speakers include VP of Sales, Mark Roberge, from inbound marketing experts, HubSpot, and KISSMetrics Co-founder Neil Patel.

If you want to attend MBO you can register with referral code “Formstack” and receive $25 off of your registration. I highly encourage taking your team and soaking in as much online marketing knowledge as you can, and if you do attend, make sure to find us, we would love to meet you!