Welcome Chargify to Our Family of Integrations

Written by Michael on August 10, 2010

Posted in Formstack Updates, Payment Processing

The latest update to the Formstack form builder is something not seen to our end users: we switched our internal billing system from a “rolled-our-own” system to using Chargify. Chargify describes itself as “the easiest way to start collecting subscription credit card payments from your customers,” and we would agree. Chargify allows you to set up, bill, and manage subscriptions. Best of all, Chargify supports several payment gateways.

We made the switch in order to use Authorize.Net as our payment gateway. While we could have chosen to “roll-our-own” again, Chargify saved us a ton of development and came with the functionality we needed: subscription management, dunning (reminders for failed payments), reporting, and coupon / discount support. We built this new functionality atop Chargify’s API and have been migrating our customers to the new system.

Recurring billing has always been a popular feature request for the Formstack form builder. While it has been possible with our Authorize.Net and PayPal integrations, we immediately saw a value in integrating with Chargify. Today, we’re happy to announce that you can create a subscription directly from a Formstack web form. Formstack bridges the gap between Chargify’s payment websites and custom API development.

With the new integration, you can create smart, branded, embeddable product sign-up forms, create powerful reports, and integrate with other third-party applications while letting Chargify handle recurring payments, free trial periods, coupons, refunds, email receipts, and dunning.

Check out our Chargify integration page to learn more about accepting payments online with this tool, and read our support documentation to see how to get started.