Using Forms with GoDaddy’s WebSite Tonight Web Hosting

Written by Formstack on July 29, 2010

Posted in Form Hacks

We’ve recently received a few reports of users having trouble using our online forms with their GoDaddy web hosting accounts.  After doing a little digging to solve this problem, we found a solution.

It turns out that you can’t paste JavaScript into a WebSite Tonight web page by using the same method you use to paste in HTML. There’s actually a special method for inserting JavaScript into your web page.

Once you’ve built your web form and have your Formstack JavaScript embed code, log in to your WebSite Tonight account through GoDaddy.

From the Design menu, select Launch Page Designer. If necessary, from the Page list, select the page you want to edit.

Click the block you want to edit (blocks are outlined in yellow). Position your cursor where you want to add the form script.

Go to the Insert tab, and then click Script. In the Enter JavaScript text box, enter the Formstack JavaScript embed code. Click OK, and you’re done!

This method is only for using the Formstack JavaScript embed method. If you are using the URL link, you would place the link on your website the same way you link to any other site.

Source: GoDaddy Help Center