Upgraded Conditional Logic Features

Written by Formstack on April 20, 2010

Posted in Formstack Updates

Our conditional logic feature allows you to show or hide fields based on how users respond to other questions on your form. It also allows for you to keep your forms simple and organized so your user isn’t confused on which fields they should or shouldn’t fill out.

The latest update gives you even more flexibility with the use of conditional logic on an “other” option in a radio button or check box field.

The “other” option is most popular when conducting surveys or collecting opinion based information from users. For example, you might have a field that asks the user “How would you rate service we offered?” You could then give the user the options of “Great, Mediocre, Poor, or Other”. If the user selects “Other” you could display a comment box asking for more information on why the thought the service was neither great nor poor.

To learn more about this feature you can watch the short video below on creating your conditional logic fields.