Supercharge your forms with Formstack (Part I)

Written by Noah Coffey on July 6, 2010

Posted in Form Hacks

Supercharge your online forms with Formstack
Original photo by Eadey.

We’re starting a short series of blog posts focusing on taking common, and sometimes overlooked, web forms and showing you easy ways to make them much more effective and interactive using Formstack’s online form application. From common contact forms to newsletter sign-up pages, we’re going to show you how to squeeze the most value out of all your online forms.

We already have several great examples we can’t wait to show you. However, we thought some of our readers might know of a bland form out there that could use a little supercharging! If so, please post a link to the form in the comments below and let us know why you think the form is bland. We’ll select a few from the list, enhance the forms with Formstack, and post the results.