Simple Online Forms for Non-Profits

Written by Formstack on April 27, 2010

Posted in Form Hacks

One of the biggest hurdles for non-profits when creating fundraising campaigns is the ability to collect online donations. Most organizations think they need to have a complex system that has a ton of features. In reality you can create an online donation form very quick and easy with an online form builder like Formstack (Did I mention that non-profits get a 25% discount?).

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library uses Formstack to collect their online donations. You can see that in minutes they created a basic form that asks for contact information, donation amount, and then credit card information. They chose Formstack because they wanted to get something online quickly that was easy to manage and could process credit cards. We integrate with seven payment processors that allow you to easily collect money online. Choose from Paypal, Google Checkout,, FirstData or choose to collect credit card numbers and use your own payment system.

Non-profits can also use online forms for other reasons than fundraising. Whether you are hosting an annual event, having a small get-together, or volunteer sign-ups, using an online form is an easy way for all of your attendees to register and make payments all in one place. Not only does it make an easier process for your attendee, but it also allows them to receive a confirmation email with all of the event details.

Converting to online forms from paper forms will not only help the environment, but it will also save your organization money. Here are some non-profit templates to get you started!

The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library has a great event coming up on May 8th in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you are close we encourage you to check out this event.