New Integration: PayPal Pro and Other Payment Integration Upgrades

Written by Formstack on May 26, 2010

Posted in Formstack Updates

This week we will be introducing many new features and upgrades made to most of our integrations that will allow for new options and easier set-up on the customer side of the integration.

PayPal Pro Integration

First, we would like to introduce to you our new integration with PayPal Pro. PayPal Pro is just a step up from the regular PayPal integration. Much like the FirstData and Authorize.Net integration we already have in place, this integration allows PayPal to process credit cards directly on the form with no redirects after the form has been submitted. The PayPal Pro integration also has the ability to handle single and multiple item payments and recurring billing/payments. To get started with the PayPal Pro integration you must first sign up for an account with PayPal Pro. You can visit our support site or watch a brief introduction video below to view the steps in setting up your integration.

Authorize.Net Upgrade

Authorize.Net is one of our most popular online payment integrations and we have upgraded the integration to include one big feature that is often requested.   With our latest upgrade, if you have the Automated Recurring Billing service from Authorize.Net you can now include recurring/subscription billing to your online form.

Additional Payment Integration Upgrades

There are several upgrades that were made within all of our payment integrations which include having the option to edit any payment status that is saved in the database and filtering and searching data based on the payment status field.

For our current PayPal and Google Checkout integrations the confirmation and notification emails can now be delayed until the payment has been received.

While we think all of the new integrations and upgraded features mentioned today are great new additions, we still have much more in store for you during the rest of the week. Check back tomorrow for the next edition of our new features!