iPhone + Forms = Digital Business Card

Written by Chris Byers on June 30, 2010

Posted in Form Hacks, Mobile Forms

The Formstack iPhone app has been around in some form for over a year.  While we have seen some tremendous uses for the app from customers like Service Plus, let’s take it further with this video use case.

Try out the initial contact form.

As a quick reiteration of the steps discussed, use these three easy steps:

1.  Build a form which at least includes your new contact’s email address and likely some additional basic info.

2.  Build a Confirmation email in the Emails & Redirects section.  You will want to include a ‘generic’ personal (yep, I just said generic personal) note here using the contact’s name.  Here is an example:


It was great to meet you today.  For future reference here is my contact information.  Talk to you soon.

Chris Byers, CEO

Formstack, LLC
8606 Allisonville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46250


3.  Open the form on your iPhone, fill out your new friend’s contact info, save it and your initial digital business card will be delivered.

Tomorrow we will take a look at taking the next step, and using your Formstack app to quickly release marketing materials to new leads.