How Formstack Uses Forms In-house

Written by Formstack on May 7, 2010

Posted in Case Studies, Form Hacks

Here at Formstack, we use our form builder (shocking, we know) to create a variety of handy forms that simplify some of the everyday and not-so-everyday processes that take place in-house. We’ve compiled a list of a few different ways we use Formstack forms to makes things more efficient and organized around the office. We love to hear how you’re utilizing Formstack in your business and hope this list provides you with a little inspiration.

1. Office Supply Request Form
Either Ron from accounting is taking all the rubber bands home to create the world’s largest rubber band ball or you may genuinely be running low. Whatever the reason, you can use an online form to quickly and easily notify your office supply person to purchase more.

Tip: If your business has more than one location, allow employees to choose theirs from a select list. You can then use smart routing with conditional logic to send a notification email to the proper office supply person.

2. PTO Request Form
Perfect for employees to schedule time off and make you ponder things like how your intern seems to have more vacation time than you.

Tip: Add a hidden checkbox field that allows you to edit submissions and mark the PTO as approved.

3. Pitch-ins and Parties
Never again will you have 10 people bringing potato salad to the company pitch-in.

Tip: Use a checkbox field with the “unique” option selected so items are removed from the pitch-in list once a user selects that particular item and submits the form.

4. Employment Applications
No need to make your assistant swim through a sea of resumes to search for that perfect applicant you found earlier in the week. Keep all of the contacts and resumes in one easy to manage location.

Tip: A file upload field is a great way to let applicants send their resumes and work samples.

5. Donation Form
Perfect for raising money for “Mittens for Kittens” and other charitable organizations you support.

Tip: Our PayPal integration has a donation setting that makes it quick and easy to take donations online.

Additional Uses
We also use our online forms for employee self-evaluations, performance reviews, and to get feedback from our customers. We recently used a Formstack form in our monthly newsletter to get opinions on our recent rebranding. It’s a great way to give your customers a voice and receive immediate feedback.