Hook Into the Power of Flowtown with WebHooks

Written by Noah Coffey on September 2, 2010

Posted in Form Hacks, Formstack Updates

FlowTownYesterday we announced support for WebHooks, a feature that enables Formstack web forms to pass submission data immediately to another server or web app. Today, we have a new and highly useful WebHooks integration with another amazing web app: Flowtown.

Flowtown is a social media marketing platform that helps businesses transform email contacts into engaged customers. By using Formstack’s Webhooks, you can connect any Formstack web form to Flowtown and directly import contacts and receive alerts about influencers that have filled-out your forms.

You might be amazed at the level of data Flowtown can provide you about your contacts based solely on their email address. Combine that kind of insight with the flexibility and ease-of-use of Formstack web forms, and you’ve got quite a powerful platform for collecting data and engaging with your customers.