Guest Post: How TinderBox Integrates with Formstack’s Online Forms

Written by Formstack on August 13, 2010

Posted in Case Studies

Today’s guest post is from Kristian Andersen, co-founder of TinderBox, learn how TinderBox integrates with Formstack’s online forms.

TinderBox is a web-based application that makes it easy for individuals and teams to create, manage, deliver, and track interactive business proposals. Tinderbox allows you to manage all aspects of proposal creation including: writing, formatting, management, approvals, and tracking all from within one simple interface. With TinderBox you no longer have to stare at a blinking cursor wondering if you are using the latest content, or struggle with formatting documents in an attempt to maintain accuracy and consistency. TinderBox ensures that you are always working with the most accurate, consistent, and up-to-date proposal content.

Best of all, TinderBox actually provides visibility into how your prospects are interacting with your proposals. TinderBox provides tracking data for every proposal you send out. You will know when your prospect viewed the proposal, what sections they viewed, and how long they spent reviewing it. TinderBox improves the quality of your proposals and provides visibility into how your proposals perform.

TinderBox recently completed an integration with Formstack that allows it’s customers to leverage the power and simplicity of Formstack’s web form creator from directly within TinderBox. Many of TinderBox’s current clients have already begun exploring interesting ways to take advantage of the integration. Our customers are doing everything from embedding feedback forms to collecting secure credit card payments directly from within their TinderBox proposals.

Formstack offers a secure, flexible, and painlessly simple web form solution for our customers. We knew early on that there would be a great opportunity for TinderBox and our customers if we could deliver Formstack’s functionality via TinderBox.

Formstack has really enabled us to stretch our customers ideas about what a proposal should be and how it should function. By adding the ability to, among other things, collect payments, solicit feedback, make product selections, etc. directly from within a proposal, we’ve been able to add enormous value to our customers business and improve their current processes.

Kristian Andersen (@kristianindy) works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to design compelling brand experiences, create new business models, and innovate new products and services. In addition to managing the daily operations at Kristian Andersen + Associates, he is an active angel investor and co-founder of Gravity Ventures, a seed-stage venture fund that makes investments in technology and technology-enabled businesses. He is the co-founder of TinderBox (www.gettinderbox) and Pathagility (, and serves on the board of several start-ups and non-profits.