How Frisco Financial Planning Uses Formstack

Written by Formstack on August 5, 2010

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Frisco Financial Planning is a financial planning firm offering advice on investments, insurance, education funding, employee benefits, retirement planning, and estate planning. The firm is unique in a sense that it charges a “pay as you go” flat fee and assists clients in implementing investment portfolios on their own rather than executing investment transactions for them. We recently caught up with John Gay, Owner, about their use of Formstack.


FS: How did you hear about Formstack?

I was looking for a way to automate the process of client information gathering.  I had previously paid someone to develop a customized pdf form but that solution was expensive, inflexible, and cumbersome (not to mention low on security).  A web search for online form creation software led me to your product.

FS: How do you currently use Formstack?

I have five forms that clients complete depending on what type of work they have engaged me to do for them.  The initial prospective client form is short and to-the-point, while the additional forms gather more detailed information.  Clients appreciate that I only ask for basic information at the start and I don’t ask for any information at all, if it’s not relevant.  Formstack’s conditional feature helps here – if they indicate their tax filing status is single, the form doesn’t bother to ask for spouse information.

FS: How has Formstack solved a business/organizational issue?

Formstack integrates well with Highrise which I use for case management purposes.  A client’s contact information automatically feeds into their Highrise record when they complete the initial form. Formstack also allows me to automatically create a follow-up task and defined tags in Highrise. It has also saved me hours of time because I don’t have to spend hours fiddling with the finer points of computer programming and clients only buy into automation if they know it’s easy and secure – and it is!

FS: What do you like best about the online form builder?

The encryption is great; I and my clients have confidence that their information is secure – not even available to Formstack employees. Also, the data can be output into a variety of different formats.  Lastly, it’s the ease of creation/customization.  My web forms are a work in progress and I can easily make changes, add fields, etc. “on the fly”.

FS: What features do you find most helpful?

I love the third-party integrations.  I like that I don’t have to be a programmer to use the product.  I rarely ever mess with my forms, they are set up and they work great. When I do need to make a change, it is quick and easy.  It is a very user-friendly tool.

FS: Any tips/words of wisdom you would like to share with other users/readers?

It’s a great product, can’t live without it!

Want to learn more about Frisco’s integration with Highrise?  Check out the recent post on the 37 Signals Product Blog to learn more about how they use Formstack and Highrise together!