Formstack continues to support Blog Indiana this year

Written by Noah Coffey on July 14, 2010

Posted in Formstack Updates

FBlog Indianaor the 3rd straight year, Formstack will be sponsoring BIN2010, the 3rd annual Blog Indiana conference on social media and blogging. The 2-day event is held in downtown Indianapolis and features local experts on a range of topics from social media, marketing, and blogging.

In addition to sponsoring, the Formstack form builder app has helped power the internal workings of the conference since its beginning. This year, Blog Indiana used Formstack to create a “smart form” that let people submit conference session ideas. The questions asked would change based on how submitters answered certain questions. Notification emails would also be routed differently if, for example, a submitter had a question they needed answered. This kind of automation let Blog Indiana focus on what data they wanted to collect instead of how to build a new form from scratch. In addition, they used the Formstack API to integrate the session form into a custom-built session voting application.

If you’re near Indiana and would like to attend a great conference on the latest in social media (or just want to meet some of the Formstack staff in person), check out BIN2010 this August 20th – 21st. If you register with the discount code FORMSTACK15, you will receive 15% off your ticket price.