Fight Holiday Flab with an Online Fitness Form

Written by Formstack on November 18, 2010

Posted in Form Hacks

Today, a guy from an online software company is going to give you fitness advice. As scary as that sounds, please don’t turn and run away. No, wait…run away, but not until after you read this post because running is good for you. See? I’m already helping.

Online forms can help you stay organized and motivated (and hopefully fit as a result) during the upcoming holiday season and into 2011.

Don’t be a Slacker

In addition to overindulging during the Holidays, it’s common to get out of workout routines due to traveling, last minute shopping and family gatherings. The best way to stay on track is to get organized and either hold yourself accountable for working out, or get a partner to hold you accountable.

Although, Formstack is typically used by businesses and organizations as an easy way to create event registration forms, order forms and surveys to collect and manage data, it can also be used for many other tasks, including tracking workouts and weight loss.

Stay Organized and Motivated

My workout routine consists of cardio and weights, and my fiancee somehow convinces me to run a few half marathons throughout the year so I like to log my mileage. To stay on track, I created the form below (feel free to play around with it) that allows me to choose the date of my workout, track my body weight, and choose which type of workout I completed that day.

Once a selection is made, conditional logic shows additional fields so I can do things like enter running times, calculate total mileage, and log which muscles I trained. This information is then stored in the Formstack database so I can access it, create graphs, export it to Excel or share it with others via a link. With the data sharing link, I could have a workout partner or team anywhere in the world that can monitor my progress and help keep me motivated.

It’s all About Mobility

Do you listen to music with an iPhone or an iPod touch while working out? Download our free iPhone app and you’ll have access to your online fitness form wherever you train. The app works on iPads too, but it’s probably safe to assume that iPad armbands won’t be hitting the market anytime soon.

Build your Own Fitness Training Form

Check out the tutorial video below for a quick demo for building an online workout form and sign up for a free account when you’re ready to build your own. Also be sure to stay tuned to the blog as we’ll show you how to create advanced forms to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Have a creative way for staying fit during the Holiday season or a New Year’s Resolution you’d like to achieve this year? We’d love for you to share it in the comments section below!