Create live connections for your web forms with WebHooks

Written by Noah Coffey on September 1, 2010

Posted in Form Hacks, Formstack Updates

WebHooksWe are pleased to announce that Formstack now supports WebHooks on all paid accounts. A Formstack WebHook will allow developers to more easily integrate web applications with Formstack web forms and data in near “real time.” When a web form is submitted, the WebHook can send all form data to a script or application running on another web server using a POST request. What happens next is up to the developer. The possibilities are endless.

TweetbriteAn example of a web app that is using our WebHooks feature is Tweetbrite lets you connect a Formstack form to your Twitter account and auto-tweet whenever someone fills-out your form. The free service is mainly used for event registration forms, but can be used with any Formstack form.

Tweetbrite now supports Formstack WebHooks which means your tweets will be sent out almost immediately instead of the normal 5-10 minute delay. The old delay was caused by Tweetbrite having to check the Formstack servers every so often and look for new data. With WebHooks, the data is sent to Tweetbrite immediately when a form is submitted.

If you are developing an application that needs to be updated every time a Formstack form is submitted, WebHooks will take much less time to implement than our traditional API, and will also use less resources. The advantages of WebHooks is that the passing of data is immediate and you can pass all submitted form data at once.

To learn more about WebHooks and other web apps that integrate with our WebHook, visit our Formstack WebHooks page.