Choosing the Best Email Provider for Your Online Forms

Written by Formstack on September 30, 2010

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

Trying to figure out which Email Service Provider (ESP) you should use can be a tough decision. Our online form builder integrates with a variety of ESPs to give you a powerful way to create email web forms and collect your email marketing leads. Let’s review some of the options you can use with Formstack.


Pros: MailChimp is quickly becoming a leader in the ESP world and is being used by many well-known companies throughout the world. MailChimp is also very easy to use, has great pricing, great customer support, and also has a sweet API for developers to use. They truly are a company that puts their customers first.  You can set up Autoresponders, design your own email templates, and view reports once your email has been delivered. MailChimp is great for small businesses and nonprofits.

Cons: Since MailChimp is still a growing company they are still in the process of adding some features that you see in other larger ESPs. They also only offer email or live chat support. They have no phone number listed on their site for you to call and receive phone support.


Pros: Exact Target is a growing company that just recently acquired, CoTweet, to help build deeper customer relationships. They are a great ESP to use when you need to filter lists on the fly when sending an email, add social media integration, or use a third-party integration (they have many!). You can also integrate landing pages into the system. They have great relationships with their customers and will assign an account rep to your account that you can call or email if you have any trouble. ExactTarget is good for larger businesses who have lots of emails to send out.

Cons: ExactTarget doesn’t list any pricing on their website. Before signing up, you will need to speak with an Account Executive that will help put a plan together that best suits your needs. Creating your emails is not as simple as other providers, though they do have many online resources. It can require a bit of HTML/CSS to get your email to appear the way you want it.

Campaign Monitor

Pros: Campaign Monitor allows you to re-brand the interface of your account, creating email marketing campaigns, create sub-accounts for your clients and allows your clients to send their own campaigns. It is built from the ground up for web designers to resell as their own product. You can make a profit every time your client sends an email. Campaign Monitor is good for designers and web design agencies to use.

Cons: Due to Campaign Monitor allowing you to re-brand your account in any way, it will require a bit of HTML/CSS knowledge. If you are not a designer or have experience using CSS and HTML you should look at some other options.

All of our email integrations allow you to eliminate the manual process of adding subscribers to your email marketing software. The integrations allow you to take contact information from any Formstack form and automatically, behind-the-scenes, transfer it to any email marketing campaign.

Tell us, what is your favorite Email Service Provider and why?