Add Discount/Coupon Codes For Event Registration and Order Forms

Written by Formstack on November 2, 2010

Posted in Event Planning, Formstack Updates

We often get the question “How do I add a discount code to my form?” from our customers and potential customers. In the past, there wasn’t a way for users to automatically add discount codes, but you could do it manually with some “hacking” and finessing of your Formstack account. All of that changes today, as you now have the option of adding a discount/coupon code field to your event registration forms, online order forms, and any other payment form.

The new discount code feature will allow you to seamlessly collect discounts/coupons through your online forms as a dollar amount or a percentage off the total amount. This new feature is great for event registration forms, order forms, and more. You can add as many discount codes as you want allowing you to create multiple codes for the same event. Perfect for special “Early Bird” pricing for events or to test varying deals on a product. Whether you want to give your user 25% off the total amount or $5 off the total amount, you can do it all with just the click of a button!

Watch the short video below to learn how to set up the new discount/coupon code feature. You can also view more support documents for additional help. We are excited about this new feature as it will give you more flexibility when creating event registration forms and online order forms.

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