Add contacts to MailChimp and Highrise with the same web form

Written by Noah Coffey on December 8, 2010

Posted in Form Hacks

Increasingly, you can find a web app for almost any business-related task. From managing your email marketing campaigns to managing and keeping track of your business contacts and interactions, we have lots of places we track data. It can often become a problem getting the right data to the right place with minimum effort. With Formstack, you can do just that for some popular web apps that are often used together.

Formstack integrates with both MailChimp (email marketing) and Highrise (lead & contact management). If you use a contact form or newsletter sign-up form, Formstack can help you push new contacts to both your MailChimp and Highrise account at the same time.

Setting up a Highrise integration with Formstack

Let’s say you have a contact form that you would like to connect to Highrise. Once logged in to Formstack, simply head over to the Settings page for your contact form and select “3rd Party Integrations”. Scroll down the list of integrations we support and you will see Highrise–click the “Add” button to the right of it.

Highrise Integration

This will add a settings page that will ask for your API details for your Highrise account (find your Highrise API key). Once you entered that information, you will be presented with a list of fields from Highrise to match-up with fields in your Formstack form. Go down the list and make sure that each one that you want to use is matched up with the appropriate field from your Formstack form. Some fields may not be required or you may not care to use and can be ignored.

Mapping fields for a Formstack -- Highrise integration

Save the settings at the bottom of the page and from this point forward, all new form submissions will be sent to your Highrise account automatically.

Setting up a MailChimp integration with Formstack

Connecting your form to MailChimp is just as easy. Find MailChimp listed in the 3rd Party Integrations page similarly to how you found Highrise and add them to your form.

On the following settings page, enter your MailChimp API information (find your MailChimp API key) and click “Continue.” The rest is the same as Highrise. Simply select your mailing list and match up the fields from your Formstack form that you want sent to MailChimp and click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Mapping fields for a Formstack -- MailChimp Integration

Now, all new submissions to your contact form will be sent to both Highrise and MailChimp automatically. For more information about these and other online services that Formstack integrates with, check out our 3rd Party Integrations page.