Add Analytics to Your Online Forms

Written by Formstack on November 16, 2010

Posted in Formstack Updates

You may have noticed that when we announced our coupon codes for online forms, we also “snuck” in a new plugin called ‘Analytics’.  It has been available for the last few weeks but we have held out officially launching it as we made tweaks and gathered feedback from users who have happened upon it.

Where is it?

You can add the analytics in the new “Plugin” section in your form’s setting’s page. It is similar to adding any of our third-party integrations, in which you can simply click “Add” next to the Analytics plugin. Unlike the third-party apps plugins there is nothing else to set up. We do all the magic for you!

add form analytics to any Formstack web form

What is it?

Abandonment Rate: By giving you insight on the number of  views (total times people view your forms, 0ne person can view multiple times), unique views (total views on a form, multiple views not counted) and submissions we calculate the abandonment rate, or the rate in which people view your forms but fail to submit it. The line graph shows you your views vs unique views over time, so you can see quickly how your form performs.

Add analytics to any Formstack web form

Field Focus: The field focus area shows you your field values in a graph representation and shows you in a heat map-like way what fields your users are clicking on (the focus part). The graph represents how people move throughout your form and if there is a decline in the number of fields clicked, or filled out, as they move further and further down a form.

Add field analytics to any website form from Formstack

Why it’s important?

Insight: With the new form analytics feature you can start to better understand how people use your online forms. For the average person who just needs a basic form this may not mean much, but to those of you who are creating more complex forms, like online order forms or online surveys, you can start to understand what fields are really necessary to complete an order, or where in your survey people become disinterested and abandon it. It provides a layer of insight that has been lacking, but can now be used to better understand how to build online forms that your users will fill out and increase your bottom line.

Testing: This also gets you better insight on how to test your forms to maximize conversions. You can create two versions of your forms and test which ones get better results. You can try shorter or longer forms for lead generation forms, or even test different field names and see if people are more likely to fill out one versus the other. All in all it gives you a more powerful tool for those who truly want to maximize how they use Formstack and our online form builder.

We would love to hear your feedback on this and how you plan to use it. If you have comments feel free to leave them below or, if you have questions on setting up analytics or want to give us feedback contact our support team!