2010 Wrap Up – Take a Look Back

Written by Formstack on December 27, 2010

Posted in Formstack Updates

Wow! What a year. 2010 was one of the best years Formstack has ever had and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see what 2011 will bring us. We released several new integrations, added new features, upgraded features, increased the number of our team and even changed names! Take a look back and see all of the improvements and additions we made to our online form builder in 2010.

First Quarter – New Name, Same Product

2010 started off with not too much new activity but we were gearing up for some great launches that were coming. In March, we took a giant step and changed our name from FormSpring to Formstack. If you are curious why we did this, you can read about it in more detail in a prior blog post. Nothing about our product changed – just our name. We are still providing you with an application to build powerful online forms.

Second Quarter – Bring on the Integrations

In the second quarter we really focused on our current integrations as well as adding a new payment integration that would give our users even more options when collecting money online. We also released a new folders feature to help our users keep their online forms more organized within their account. The last feature of this quarter was focused on our conditional logic feature to allow more flexibility with an “other” option in a radio button or check box field.

The integrations we added & upgraded include:

  • PayPal Pro – added this as a step up from the regular PayPal integration to collect credit card information
  • Authorize.Net – upgraded to include recurring/subscription billing
  • PayPal & Google Checkout – confirmation & notification emails can now be delayed until the payment is received
  • FreshBooks – added recurring invoices and allowed invoices to be saved as a draft, sent via email, or snail mail.
  • Highrise – allowed tasks to be made public
  • MailChimp – started supporting Groups within the integration to help further segment email lists.

Our last integration upgrade in the second quarter took place across all integrations to allow the submission to come through even if an error would happen to occur within the integration.

Third Quarter – New CEO Comes to Town

The third quarter brought a very important addition to our team – a new CEO! We welcomed Chris Byers on board to take over as CEO of Formstack. Haven’t met Chris yet? You can either check out his profile or watch a great video the team made him for his birthday.

We also released several new languages for our form builder and also made another integration upgrade as well as adding even more features to our online form builder.

Those include:

  • Salesforce – updated to allow leads to automatically be routed via Salesforce Assignment Rules
  • Chargify – we welcomed this integration to allow users to collect subscription credit card payments.
  • TinderBox – they introduced
  • an integration with Formstack to make it easy for individuals to create, manage, deliver, and track interactive business proposals.
  • WebHooks – allows developers to more easily integrate web applications with our online forms.
  • WordPress Plugin & Widget – easily add online forms to your WordPress Blog or Website

Fourth Quarter – Exciting Features & More Integrations

We closed out 2010 with some great features for our application. In November, we upgraded our form builder interface to make it easier for our users to manage their account. We also added a discount code feature to allow codes to be collected on registration forms, online order forms, and any other payment form. Along with the discount codes, we added an option to add analytics to the online forms. With the analytics feature you can track views, unique views, submissions, abandonment rate, and view a field focus map to see where users are focusing on the most.

We finished the year out strong by adding two popular integrations. We added WePay as a payment integration and Batchbook as a third-party integration. WePay is an easy way to collect money for a group and also help you manage the money. Batchbook is a social CRM software to help you keep track of your contacts.

Shew! What a list! We can’t wait to show you what we have waiting for 2011. Stay tuned!