We Want Your Suggestions

Written by Formstack on March 23, 2009

Posted in Formstack Updates

Long-time Formstack customers know that we are constantly rolling out new features for our online form builder.  What they might not know is that most of these new features are ones that have been suggested by our users.  We take customer suggestions very seriously here at Formstack.  If we feel a feature will benefit a majority of our users and it’s possible to add it, we probably will.

That said, there are hundreds of great features that have been suggested to us, each requiring weeks or months of programming and beta testing before we can launch them.  As it stands, we will never run out of new things to add to the form builder, as we are constantly getting new suggestions and also coming up with our own ideas as well.  This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t want to hear your ideas.  We do want to hear from each and every one of you.  It does mean that we can’t always use all the suggestions we receive, or if we do use them, we can’t always implement them right away.

So how do we decide which features to add next?  Well, mainly we give priority to features that get requested the most.  However, we have been known to add a feature to the form builder that only one user has requested if it’s a great idea we think others will appreciate.  We keep an internal database of feature requests, and we discuss these regularly in meetings where we plan the future of the Formstack app.  Sometimes we’re surprised by what features our users want to see the most, and your ideas move our development in directions we could have never predicted.

Suggesting a new feature is quick and easy.  We have a special forum for this purpose.  You can also e-mail, call or chat live with us to tell us your ideas.   While we can’t add every feature, we do take every suggestion seriously and do our best to use as many of them as possible.