Using Surveys In Your Organization

Written by Chris Lucas on April 22, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks

Many organizations use Formstack for things like contact forms, order forms and event registrations. But one important overlooked aspect of what you can do with Formstack is the ability to create and quickly deploy surveys or customer/user feedback forms. Surveys don’t have to be done by big corporations and they don’t have to be long and arduous. Quick, effective, online surveys can allow your organization to gain valuable feedback from your customers or users.   A while back we wrote about some tips for your contact forms so we thought we would give you some tips on how your organizations can use and deploy surveys.

The More the Merrier

To maximize a survey’s reach use it in multiple formats (website, email, micro sites, etc). For instance, if your company sends out newsletters or email communications, quickly add the link to your survey in your email.  You can also use our JavaScript embed method to host the form on your website, allowing you to drive traffic, via a blog or other online communications, to the survey that resides right on your website. You can also embed the form on a specific landing page that you are sending customers to – for instance after they complete an online order.

Be Smart

Conditional Logic and Smart Routing are two perfect ways to make your forms “smart”. Use Conditional Logic to show or hide questions based on how a user responds to a question. This allows you to create a survey that only shows questions that pertain to that particular user – no “skip ahead if this does not apply”!

Smart Routing allows you to route the form to individuals in your organization based on how users respond to questions. A great example of this is if you have a feedback form for customer service inquiries. If someone responds to a “How satisfied were you” question with “Extremely dissatisfied” you can route any of those submissions to a manager or superior so they can take quick action.

Save for Later

We recently launched a “Save and Resume” feature that allows users to save a form that they are filling out and a receive a link back to the form to fill out at a later time. This is perfect for long surveys where people may fill it out in more than one sitting. This feature can only be used in multi-page forms so it is best to break your form up.

If you have questions about how your company or organization can use online surveys, or contact us.  Do you have other tips or tricks that your organization uses? Let us know in the comments below!