Using Formstack to Power A LOL Blog

Written by Formstack on October 27, 2009

Posted in Case Studies

I know most of our customers aren’t going to run out and throw up a funny image (LOL) blog, but hopefully you can still come away from this post with an idea or two for your own blog or business.  Want to host a contest where users have to send you an image of them using your product?  You can use a Formstack form for that.  Need a simple (or complicated) contact form for your website?  You can definitely use a Formstack form for that.  Want to start the next great LOLblog empire?  Hey, use Formstack forms and don’t forget to cut me in on the profits!

Surprisingly, when I check out some of the more popular LOLblogs, such as People of Wal-Mart, they’re still using the old “e-mail address on the contact page” method of letting people send them images for their website.  This just doesn’t seem efficient to me.  Besides the fact that making your e-mail public on a website opens you up to mountains of daily spam e-mails, submissions are likely to be lost as spam or simply to disorganization.

Funny image sites are all the rage these days and can be big money makers in addition to being entertaining time wasters .  All you need to launch one is some time, a free copy of WordPress and a Formstack form to allow users to send you images and captions.

As proof of concept, I threw up a quick blog using a newer Internet meme that didn’t already have a blog dedicated to it, the “tenso” phenomenon.  Tenso is Portuguese for tense and started in Brazilian blogs and forums, but it’s starting to spread to the rest of the world.  It usually consists of a four panel photo cartoon that reveals a closeup of something you might not notice in the first frame, creating an effect of surprise.


From buying the domain at to posting my first tenso image, Tenso Blog took me about an hour to get up and running.  Besides WordPress, the site is powered by two Formstack forms.  One is a basic contact form and one is an image upload form.  Duplicating this concept and these forms, I could have a whole network of funny image blogs up in a few days.

Disclaimer: Tenso Blog is not affiliated with Formstack in any way, it’s just a personal hobby project of mine.  The views reflected on the site are not those of Formstack LLC.