User Profile: The Coburn Place

Written by Chris Lucas on April 17, 2009

Posted in Case Studies

The Coburn Place is an Indianpolis-based nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing a safe place for women and children who are victims of abuse.  We heard about the Coburn Place through a friend of Formstack and his involvement in Giving Sum. He thought Coburn Place could use our services to he;p manage some of their online donations and event registrations. We teamed up with the Coburn Place and helped them get started with their largest fundraising event – Blue Breakfast.  Below is how they used Formstack and how they anticipate using it in the future for online fundraising and more!

Organization: Coburn Place


FS: Tell us a little bit about your business, who is your target market, what makes you different, etc.?

CP: Our Mission is: Coburn Place opens a door through which women and children fleeing domestic violence can find safe haven.  Coburn Place transforms battered lives by healing painful emotions, teaching valuable life skills, and fostering financial independence and long-term self-sufficiency.

FS: How do you currently use Formstack:

CP: We used it to sell tickets to our event the Blue Breakfast as well as gathering additional online donations. Blue Breakfast is held at  the Colts Complex and has speakers from Coburn Place as well as Coach Caldwell. We had a silent auction with all proceeds going back to Coburn Place.

FS: Any other ways you might use it?

CP: We would like to use it for online donations on our site. We are also sending a survey out to all attendees after the event to get feedback on the Blue Breakfast

FS: How has Formstack solved a business/organizational issue?

CP: Last year was first year for event and we had no idea of how to sell tickets online. Formstack helped get us online and sell tickets without having to get an expensive solution. Something we could do quickly.

FS: What do you like best about the product?

CP: The best part of it is that it looks like part of your website as opposed to other solutions where you have to leave the site to make a payment/donation people sometimes don’t trust leaving your site. Also we think it is cool to customize it, as well as we can get any information that we need to gather very quickly.

FS: What features do you find most helpful?

CP: We like the Google Payment Integration. We also like being able to send notifications once someone submits the form. We also like that the Chair of the Event can receive email notifications as well, making it easy for her to keep updated on the event.

FS: What improvements to Formstack would you like to see?

CP: When we embed the form on our site even though the form is secure it does not show up as a secure page ( show a little padlock on the address bar). (FS Note: If you set up your form with the security settings your form is secure. The only way to get it to appear as a secure page using the embed option on your site is to embed it on a secure page. You can contact support to learn more)