The Company Picnic: Formstack Style

Written by Chris Lucas on July 15, 2009

Posted in Formstack Updates

Yes, you can use our form builder for all of you business needs likes surveys, order forms and much more…but hey, it’s summer time so why not think about ways to use Formstack for some fun, like a company pitch in or barbecue?  This actually builds on a post Ryan wrote about a few days ago. By making a Select List, Radio Button, or Checkbox “Unique” you can make an item from that list disappear after someone makes a selection.

We created a company pitch in form allowing people to select what they want to bring. But as is usually the case when you have an event like this you have 5 people who bring deserts and no one who brings the burgers, well…with the unique field you can avert that, now when someone picks burgers from your form it will be deleted after they submit it.


This is an easy way to manage all sort of events. From company picnics, conference registrations, special contests or promotions and much more.