Spice Up Your Confirmation Emails

Written by Chris Lucas on April 29, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks

There is a big piece of real estate that many people aren’t using when it comes to their online forms – the confirmation email. With Formstack you can quickly send anyone who submits a form a confirmation email.

Using the email editor inside the form builder you can quickly edit what that email looks like, customize the message, add hyperlinks to more information, and even add images to enhance your message.

To create a new confirmation log in to your account, click on your form’s Settings, and select the Emails and Redirects tab.

The quickest way to customize the confirmation email is to add the user’s name and other important information using the form fields they filled out. To do this simply start editing a new confirmation email and use the form fields at the bottom of the email editor.


Another great way to customize your confirmation is by adding your company logo. Using the editor, you can add your logo by clicking on the Insert/Edit button ( Tree icon).


To add an image you can simply provide the URL of the image, add a description, set the size, and more. (Note: We do not host the images, they must be hosted somewhere else)


Finally by adding links within your confirmation email you can direct people to more information, drive traffic back to your site and engage them even more. Below is the final version of what an confirmation looks like with the above suggestions in place.


An important thing to remember is that not everyone will have images turned on in their email client, so use them sparingly and always use a description to show the text of the image inside the email. If done properly confirmation emails are great ways to engage your customers/users to interact again with your site and can be a great way to reengage with them after they have filled out your online form.