Online Surveys With New Matrix Field

Written by Chris Lucas on May 28, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks

One of the things that got buried last week in our weeklong series of Online Forms that Convert was the announcement of the new field types and specifically our new Matrix Field. The new Matrix Field allows you to quickly build online surveys and feedback forms, perfect for customer support follow ups, event feedback, and much more.

Adding a Matrix Field is easy. In the form builder click the “Add a Field” button and select “Matrix”


You can use the Matrix Field to quickly create customer feedback forms, perfect for gathering information after completing online orders, support requests or calls or other customer service related transactions. You can select a scale of responses from a pre-defined list or create your own.


You can also create more complex online surveys to measure responses for things like market research, reader/viewer response, industry research and more.  This is where the Likert Scale comes into play. With the new Matrix Field you can quickly add Likert items like:


If you have questions about more ways to incorporate the new Matrix Field in your online surveys or feedback forms please contact us, and remember these important items when creating your survey.