Online Forms for WordPress Blogs

Written by Chris Lucas on February 10, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks

We have launched a WordPress Plugin to allow Formstack customers to create web forms for their WordPress blogs and websites. You can read our blog post about our Formstack WordPress Plugin or download the plugin today.

Many small businesses and nonprofit organizations have turned to blogging as a way to connect with their customers, and as a relatively cheap way to do a bit of online marketing.  One of the more popular blogging platforms is WordPress. Many people don’t know that creating a form that works in your WordPress blog is easy with Formstack. You can create any type of form, a simple online contact form or even an event registration form, and embed that form right within your blog post.

In this example we will build an event registration form, but again, you can create any type of web form and embed it within your blog.  We first create an event registration form for networking event that we are blogging about – you can do this quickly with one of our pre-built forms or you can create your own from scratch.


After you have created your form go to the “Use” page for your form and click on the “Embed” tab. You will see three lines of JavaScript that you can simply copy.

Next you will want to go into your blog post in which you want to embed your form, if you are in the “Visual” tab you will want to click on the “HTML” tab.  Find the place in your post where you want the form to be and paste the JavaScript code you copied. Make sure to save a draft of your post.


If you go to the preview of your blog post you will see your form embedded.


This is a much more effective way of collecting data because you can use the same form in multiple places, i.e. your website, blog, and email newsletter, and keep all the information in one database. You can also use all of the features like Smart Routing, Conditional Logic, and Payment integrations, and utilize all the power of Formstack.