New Notification/Confirmation E-mail Features

Written by Formstack on August 28, 2009

Posted in Formstack Updates

If you’re the type of dedicated Formstack user that logs into the site every day, you may have noticed we went live with some minor changes Thursday.  If not, well, we won’t hold it against you.  Log in now and you’ll see we’ve made some long-requested changes to our notification and confirmation emails.

You can now set a custom “from” address on your notification emails (which are the emails sent to you, the form owner).  Traditionally, these emails have had “from” addresses that matched up to the email address of whoever was submitting the form, or, if the form didn’t have an email field on it, the “from” address was “”.  Now, the “email from” field on your notification emails has a drop-down menu where you can choose an Email field from your form, “,” or you can type in any email address you want to use.


This should be good for those who need their notification emails to come from a specific address for compatibility with third-party software.

By the same token, you have a similar option with confirmation emails (which are sent to the person filling out the form).  Confirmation emails used to automatically go to the first email address field on your form.  Now, if you have multiple email address fields on your form, you can choose the field you want emails to go to from a list of all the email fields on your form.