New Form Builder Layout

Written by Formstack on March 31, 2009

Posted in Formstack Updates

Hopefully most of you have had a chance to log in to your account and take a look at the changes to the form builder that we recently launched.  Once you do you will notice that all the same features you’ve grown to love are still there, but we’ve moved a few things around a bit to make room for our ever-growing feature list.  The old layout was holding us back a bit, as we were running out of room to add new field types and features.  Also, the form builder really wasn’t wide enough to easily work with multi-column forms.


The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the left-hand menu is gone, replaced by a four-button menu at the bottom of the form builder.  The buttons are “Add Field,” “Add Section,” “Form Extras,” and “Rearrange Fields.”  Also, there are three new tabs at the top of the form builder called “Forms,” “Style Templates,” and “Users.”

If you hit the Add Field button, you’ll see that all the old fields are still there, although we renamed Text Fields  to Short Answer Fields and Text Areas to Long Answer fields.  The Add Section and Rearrange Fields buttons act exactly the same as they used to be.


The Form Extras button is where you’ll find the settings for Layout, Form Progress, the Submit Button and the CAPTCHA.  Here you can change the layout of the form from single column to multi-column, you can turn the Page Progress Indicator or Save & Resume link on or off, you can change the text of the Submit Button, or you can turn the CAPTCHA on or off.


Looking back to the top of the form builder, the Forms button is basically what the Home button used to be.  It takes you to a list of all the forms currently in your account.  The Style Templates button takes you to a list of all your Style Templates.  Finally, the Users button is where you go to add additional users to your account or change the permissions that your users have.

Those are the main changes we’ve made for now.  Watch for updates in the  future, where we take advantage of our new layout to add some long-awaited new features!

Tell us what you think of the new changes in the commens below!