New Field Types

Written by Ade Olonoh on May 18, 2009

Posted in Formstack Updates

We just released a new version of our form builder, and are happy to announce seven new field types that should greatly enhance the ease of collecting and validating data online.

Name, Address and Phone Number Fields

Name, Address, Phone Fields

We now have the ability to create fields specifically to collect name, address and phone numbers. The best part is that you can now ensure that addresses and phone numbers are formatted in a uniform way, and that users filling out your form don’t accidentally omit a digit from a phone number or zip code.

We’ve also included validation and formatting rules for some of our friends outside of the United States – you can create address and phone fields with formatting specific to Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Matrix Field


Matrix Field


The matrix field was probably our most frequently requested feature.  This field will let you setup Likert scales like you see in the screenshot above, or ranking questions (e.g. “Rank the following movies on a scale of 1-5”), both of which will be especially handy for quickly building online surveys or feedback forms.

Credit Card Field

Credit Card Field

The new credit card field will be helpful on order forms to validate credit card numbers before submission, helping ensure that users don’t mistype numbers.  We have validation rules built in for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB cards.  This field also works nicely with our existing Authorize.Net and First Data payment integration.

Number Field

Number Field

The new number field is great for order forms too in that if you need users to type in a price, quantity or something similar, you can make sure they enter in a valid number.  You can also restrict number fields to a minimum value and/or a maximum value, round values to a set number of decimal places, or attach a currency symbol.  Number fields can also be represented using a slider widget so users can select a value along a pre-defined range.

Description Area

Description Area Field

Lastly, we’ve added description areas which aren’t really fields, but content areas where you can add text, images, video, or any custom HTML.  They’re similar to the content areas within sections, but can fit inline in multi-column forms next to other fields to help you better customize the form.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality.