How We Use Formstack Internally

Written by Chris Lucas on February 18, 2009

Posted in Case Studies, Formstack Updates

One of the great things about creating a product like ours, is that we are able to put our own form builder to use, and incorporate online forms in our own business. Below are a few ways that we use Formstack to help our business.

  • Vacation Requests: This is easy for everyone involved. Instead of slipping  a post it note or formal paper document to request our time off we have a simple form that we fill out. It took about five minutes to set up and we have a link to it on our company wiki page.  You could do this through email, but who wants to have yet another folder in their inbox to manage? This way a manager can see everyone’s requests in a database and it is easy to reconcile at the end of the year, or quarterly etc.  If you are a big organization you can also you use Smart Routing to send submissions to different managers based on which employee submits time off.
  • Expense Reports: While we don’t do a ton of traveling there are still times when we need to be reimbursed for some of our excursions. Adding receipts is easy as well, using our file upload feature we can upload receipts and other documents from our travel. You can make these types of forms as simple or as complex as needed, we even have a pre-built expense report when using our “Start with a Pre-built Form” option.
  • Office Supplies: Even if you have an office manager (we do not) you need an orderly way, outside of email or a paper form, to submit all those requests for highlighters, dry erase markers, and paper clips. We have a pretty basic form that has an area for who is requesting an item and a text area to fill in what specific items we need. Again this is one of those forms that lends itself to being as simple or complex as you need or want it. This is also a form that works well with our iPhone app. When we go to Staples we can easily pull up the form on the iPhone and look through the items that everyone requested.

These are some easy ways to incorporate online forms internally and help manage a few of those necessary evils. Are you using your forms internally or have other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!