How to Use the Rich Text Editor

Written by Formstack on May 29, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks


On custom e-mails, description area fields and sections, Formstack has a rich text editor that you can use to enhance your forms.  Often people ask us how to insert pictures, links, videos, etc. into their form, and the rich text editor is the way to do this.

Say you want to add a link to a website to your form.  You can do this by typing some text into the rich text editor, such as “click here,” highlighting that text, and then clicking on the insert/edit link button, which looks like a piece of chain-link fence, and pasting in your link.


If you want to insert an image, click on the button that looks like a picture of a tiny tree, and that will pop open a window where you can paste in the address of your image.  Your picture needs to be hosted on a free image hosting site like Flickr or on your own website.  Formstack does not host images for forms at this time other than header/footer images for style templates.


If you want to insert something more complicated into a form, such as HTML or a Youtube video embed code, click on the link that says “use plain text editor” and paste in your HTML or embed code there.

The rich text editor also allows you to format the size of text, color of text, center or align text, create ordered lists and much more.  Make sure you are taking advantage of these features in sections, description areas and e-mails. (Some things will not work in e-mails, however, such as inserting videos or javascript.)