Group Projects and Data Entry

Written by Formstack on June 12, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks

It’s common for small work groups to need to collect data for projects. And most of the time, data needs to be collected and stored in a consistent manner so that it can be analyzed or included in another project or imported into another application. Data integrity is usually very important. For more than a decade, the default tool for this task has been the spreadsheet. And I am a big fan of the spreadsheet, don’t get me wrong. But there is a better way.

Using Formstack’s drag and drop form builder, team members can quickly build a structured form for data collection, circulate the link to team mates and data can be entered in a way that is easy, consistent and most importantly eliminates the pesky challenges associated with the question — “do you have the most current copy of the spreadsheet?”

With Formstack, data is stored in a database which is download-able into common productivity apps like Excel and Word.  No need to worry about who has the most recent copy of the spreadsheet because all data resides in the Formstack database.

And if you are entering data repetitively, you simply use the use the custom redirect in the emails and redirects area in the settings tab to redirect the form itself upon submission.


So when you save the form, it publishes data to the database and jumps right back to the form so you can enter another submission.


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