Fun Formstack “Hacks”

Written by Chris Lucas on May 6, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks

We are constantly playing with the Formstack form builder, so every once in a while we like to have a little fun and think of some creative uses as opposed to the standard surveys, order forms and the like.

I am a huge sports fan and came across a sports blog that had a list of bars and restaurants where someone could watch their favorite team.  This was just a listing separated in alphabetical order. After thinking a bit I figured I could probably do it with a Formstack form and make it a bit more dynamic.  Below is a quick way to build a form that shows a certain set of data using Conditional Logic, and Smart Routing.  The example I used is trying to find a Wing Joint in your area.

I created a select list with multiple cities to choose from.


I then created a Radio Button field where certain restaurants are available to be selected. Using Conditional Logic I made the list available dependent on the city selected. So for instance – if Indianapolis is selected than it shows BW3’s and Scotty’s Brewhouse.


Also, I changed the “Submit Button” to “Visit Your Favorite Wing Joint”.   I then went to the settings page and set up some rules for after the form is submitted. Using our Smart Routing feature I set up rules to send people to an external URL (the website for the restaurant they chose) once someone clicks “Visit Your Favorite Wing Joint”. This will take the person to that website so they can get exact location information.


Now this obviously could get pretty hectic if you had a ton of cities and a ton of locations but it is a different way of using the Formstack form builder. This type of “form” could also be used for things like multiple retail or office locations, different products listing or even if you had multiple vendor partnerships.

Have a cool Formstack “hack”? Let us know by leaving a comment below.