Formstack Forms in a Content Management System (CMS)

Written by Formstack on April 10, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks, Form Optimization

We are asked frequently by prospective Formstack customers if they can use our online forms in their Content Management System (CMS).  The answer is a resounding yes!

The levels of integration will vary as much as the number of CMS systems out there. Some CMS systems like Big Santo have Formstack integration already “baked into” the application. Others allow for integration of our forms via our embeded option which amounts to basically pasting a few lines of JavasScript code that we provide onto a webpage. And other CMS systems limit their users to using forms as links on the page.  No matter what CMS system you are using, there is probably a way to integrate Formstack forms.

So before you pay that upgrade fee to add online forms to your CMS, you might take a look at one of our plans. I had a customer tell me recently that we saved them “tens of thousands of dollars” in software and implementation fees.  Now we can’t say a few hundred bucks invested in Formstack will save everyone tens of thousands of dollars; but I do know of one very happy Formstack customer.