Formstack and Highrise

Written by Chris Lucas on July 28, 2009

Posted in Formstack Updates

Until today the only way that you could put data from a Formstack form into your favorite CRM tool was to export it into a .CSV file and then import it into your contact database. Today that all changes, we are excited to announce our integration with the popular 37signals CRM tool, Highrise.

Highrise is a dead simple CRM solution for businesses of all sizes and types that allows you to manage and track your contacts in an easy to use web-based application.  Now, with our HighRise integration you can quickly and easily take data from a submitted Formstack form and add it into your Highrise account with just a few simple clicks.

Integration Features:

The integration allows you to, using your Highrise site address and an authentication token, map fields from your contact database to fields on your Formstack forms and automatically pass information from the form into your Highrise account.

You can also add follow up tasks to any contact, so for instance, if you are using a online lead generation form, you can set up a task for any submission to come through that form to receive a follow up call. You can set up the tasks based on categories that you have defined in your Highrise account.

Watch the brief introduction video to learn more


What It Means For Me:

This integration allows you to reduce the time of manually adding contacts from a Formstack form or having to batch upload contacts. This is perfect for online lead generation forms, simple contact forms on your website, or even for forms like support requests, order forms or other types of intake forms that need to be added into your Highrise database.

You can still use our powerful features like Smart Routing to route forms to the proper people, for instance, if you had a general contact form with multiple options to choose from you could route all project inquiries to your account admin and route your partnership inquiries to your business development manager.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit our Highrise integration page to learn more.  If you are new to Formstack learn more about us by visiting our How page or sign up for an account today and see how easy it is to get started integrating your online forms to your Highrise contacts!