Formstack As A Simple CRM Tool

Written by Chris Lucas on June 10, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

Support requests are always a great asset for us at Formstack, they shed light on user problems but also give us an interesting look at how our form builder can be used outside of just an online form tool.

Someone recently inquired if Formstack had a way to act as a simple CRM, or Customer Relationship Management tool. In fact there is an easy way to use your form data and the online database as a simple CRM solution. While we wouldn’t suggest this as an alternate to Salesforce, High Rise, or other industry leading tools, it is perfect if you are a small organization that needs to keep track of leads, sales calls or other customer data in one central place.

The first step in creating a simple CRM solution is by adding a hidden field in your form. For instance if you have built a simple contact or lead generation form you can add a hidden Long Answer field titled “Follow Up Notes” to your form


Then as customers or potential leads submit their information you can go back into the Formstack database and view their submissions. You can click on any submission and Edit that submission quickly.


You can then add notes in the hidden field you created and monitor that lead throughout a sales process, a customer service inquiry or other touch points.


You can hide any field so you could even put in date fields, file upload fields to attach documents to a lead, and other fields to create a more complete tracking system. While it is a basic solution to the more advanced CRM systems, for small and medium organzations this is an effective short-term solution.