Don’t Forget The Emergency Contact Form

Written by Chris Lucas on March 18, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks

Spring is here and that means the spring/summer sports leagues are kicking into high gear. We have a wide variety of sports and rec leagues who already use Formstack for online registration/sign up forms and one big issue that many leagues have is getting the players and their families to fill out the necessary forms and turn them in the first day of practice.

An easy way that many of these organizations handle and process important forms like emergency contact forms is to have parents fill them out online! This helps eliminate the need for parents to print a document, fill it out and send it with Sally to practice. It also ensures that you have everyone’s paperwork before the first practice, making sure everyone is eligible to participate on day one!

As with most organizations there are many parents who volunteer their time to coordinate and run these leagues. Using our Smart Routing feature you can make sure that the proper person gets the right form. For instance, if John Smith handles all of the forms for Boys Lacrosse, but Jane Brown handles all the forms for Girls LaCrosse you can route them to the proper person depending on which league the user selects.


You can also use other features like our payment integration to collect online payments, conditional logic, and with our Share Data feature you can share information with other league managers/volunteers without having them log in to your account. Perfect for sharing with coaches and team managers letting them know who has registered, if they have submitted all their forms, and what size jersey to order!

By using an online form solution like Formstack community sport leagues and other organizations can drastically reduce the amount of time manually collecting and processing forms, reduce paper waste, and ensure that everyone is ready to get started from day one!

Already a Formstack user? Leave a comment below and let us know how your sports organization is using online forms.