Alternatives to Copying and Pasting from Word

Written by Formstack on April 6, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks


If you use Microsoft Word and build a lot of Formstack forms, you may come across a problem where your entire form won’t load in Internet Explorer, yet it loads fine in Firefox and other browsers.  This sometimes happens when you paste formatted text from Word into a Section in the form builder.  Anything below this section won’t appear.


This happens because Word inserts some extra code into the form builder that you can’t see unless you use the plain text editor.  This extra code breaks your form.


The solution is simple, either turn on the plain text editor and delete this extra code (you will need to understand HTML in order to know which code to delete and which code to leave), or you can simply format your text in the form builder using the rich text editor instead of pasting it in from Word, Outlook or another Office product. You can also quickly cut and paste the content in a program like Notepad or other plain text program that strips away the extra code.

Another option besides Notepad for stripping out this code would be to use the Paste from Word button found on the rich text editor:


Here’s what a form looks like in Internet Explorer with text pasted from Word:


Here’s what that same form looks like in Internet Explorer when you delete the extra code from Word.  As you can see, it now loads fine: