Adding Form Field Variables to E-mail Subject Lines

Written by Formstack on June 23, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks

Recently I wrote a blog post on How to Add Field Variables to Confirmation & Notification E-mails.  One thing I forgot to mention is that you can also add these variables to the subject line of those e-mails the same way.

You can read my previous post on adding form field variables to e-mails, and then do the exact same thing to add them to the subject line of your confirmation/notification e-mails.


For example, say you were collecting “Name” on your form and wanted to pass on the user’s name to the subject line of the confirmation or notification e-mail you send out.  You could do that by cutting and pasting the number code for that field as I did in the image above.

This is one of those “hidden” features of Formstack that not everyone will need but we had many requests for it and added it in a recent update.  If you have questions regarding this or any other features feel free to contact our support team.