Adding a user agreement to a form

Written by Formstack on January 21, 2009

Posted in Form Hacks

Sometimes for legal reasons you want users to agree to certain terms and conditions before they submit to your form. In this blog post, we’ll show you a simple way to do this using a basic checkbox field.


First, add a checkbox field to your form. In our example, we set the label to “Do you agree to our terms and conditions?” and the supporting text area is where we type in our actual terms and conditions. Next, you will want to make sure the “Required” box is checked. Finally, you need to add one option to the “options” section of the checkbox field. In our example, we set this to read “I agree.”


The result of this is a form that now requires the user to check a box stating that they agree to our terms and conditions or the form will not allow them to submit. While we can’t give legal advice to our users, this type of “signature” has been used on the web for years and should serve for most purposes.