Why Web Forms?

Written by Chris Lucas on December 10, 2008

Posted in Form Hacks, Form Optimization

We often talk a lot about the features and functions within our form builder, but one of the many topics we rarely touch on here is why do you need web forms?

The answer is simple, because it’s an easier way to manage and collect information. Many of our customers are small businesses or nonprofits who were used to collecting information through old fashioned paper forms, Word or PDF attachments, or emails.  By collecting information through online forms you are not only making it easier for your customers and website visitors to give you information but you are also making it easier to manage that information you collect for your organization.

Think about how you manage your paper forms. You probably have a stack of RSVP’s or surveys or whatever sitting on your desk, in a folder, or a basket, waiting to be entered into excel or some other system right? Say nothing of the email RSVPs sitting in your inbox. Web forms, and Formstack specifically can help you embed a form on your site (or send as an email link) and save you the trouble of having to manually mange that information.

So how can you use online forms more efficiently than their paper or Word/PDF counterparts? Here is a quick list

  • Embed online forms on your website, no need to download a PDF or Word Doc and Print/email it back
  • Send your form in an email newsletter as a simple URL link and receive immediate feedback
  • Provide instant responses with notification emails and confirmation messages
  • Manage all submissions in one easy database
  • Export your data (no manual entries) to Excel or another system
  • Use Condtional Logic to hide fields that don’t pertain to the people filling out your form

Have questions about how you can use online forms with your business, check out some of our user profiles or contact us.