Using your iPhone to Collect Real Data

Written by Chris Lucas on December 4, 2008

Posted in Form Hacks, Mobile Forms

We were very excited in developing the Formstack iPhone Apps because we knew that with the growth of the iPhone and the many technologies it uses that there would be some very good business uses for both the phone and the apps.

We wanted to walk through a real world example of how you can leverage the iPhone and the new Formstack iPhone App to use it for your business.

One of the easiest ways to use the app for example, is if you have a small business and have sales team out in the field you can quickly have team members submit orders and other information. For this instance we created a sales form for a car parts supplier. We create a sales order form using the Formstack form builder, that we can deploy to our sales team on their iPhones, allowing them to quickly enter order information without having to use a paper form or lug around a laptop.

We create a simple order form that has a three different sections broken into three different pages. The first page being the sales person’s information.

The second page is where we can order the parts that our customer needs. Our first field allows us to upload a picture of their current inventory. Using the iPhones camera we can quickly take pictures of the shelves

instead of having to catalog each item or write extensive notes. We can also quickly enter each part and the quantity needed. Because we can use all the features just like if we were building a form for the web we can use seperate values and create a total field so the customer can have a total right then and there.

Finally on the third page we can enter the customer information. Again using the form building features we can use Conditional Logic to only show fields relevant. This time we can show the customer contact information if it is a new customer in which we don’t have information for.

Finally, we can still use the features like Smart Routing to send email notifications to the proper region handling each order. Here an email would go to the East Coast, West Coast or Midwest sales department depending on which region the sales person was in.

We can also send a confirmation email to the customer as soon as the rep submits the form with order details, alleviating the need for any paper receipts or follow up email.

This is one basic way to use the new Formstack iPhone App to submit forms. Have you tried it yet? Let us know how you are using your forms with your iPhone in the comments below.