Using Google Checkout on Your Forms

Written by Formstack on October 28, 2008

Posted in Form Hacks

The long-awaited addition of Google Checkout to Formstack is here, you can now use this payment processor on your order forms, event registrations, online donations, etc., in addition to PayPal, Authorize.Net and LinkPoint.While anyone can use Google Checkout, just like Paypal, the service will be of special interest to nonprofits. Google Checkout for Non-Profits has announced that they will process donations made with credit or debit cards for free until 2009. They also have no monthly, setup or gateway fees, meaning 100% of the online donations you accept through Google Checkout go straight to you, the nonprofit.

Nonprofits aren’t the only ones that can benefit from adding Google Checkout to their forms, of course.This payment method has been gaining in popularity due to the strong push Google has been making to advertise it to all of their search engine users.It’s almost impossible to make a search on Google and not be exposed to ads for Google Checkout.Remember, the more payment methods you accept on your order forms, the more potential customers you gain.

To integrate Google Checkout into your form, click the Settings tab for that form, then choose Payment Integration from the left menu, and finally click the Google Checkout tab and Enable.

The first things you will need are your Google Merchant ID and Merchant Key.  These can be found by logging into your Google Checkout merchant account, clicking on Settings, and then clicking on Integration.

You will find your Merchand ID and Key under Account Information on the right side of the page.  To the left, you’ll see a spot to put an API callback URL.  You will need to paste this URL into that field:

The Callback method should be set to XML and “My company will only post digitally signed carts.” should be checked.  You shouldn’t have to change any of the other settings.  Save your new settings inside of Google Checkout and then come back to Formstack to paste in your Merchant ID and Key.

At this point you can continue filling out the info you want to pass to Google Checkout, such as price, quantity, shipping, etc.  You can pass the info for a single item or multiple items.

Tip: If you don’t want to have to log in to Google Checkout and manually approve all purchases, inside your Google Checkout account, click on Settings < Preferences and choose “Automatically authorize and charge the buyer’s credit card.”

One cool new feature of both Google Checkout and PayPal Integrations on Formstack is that both payment methods now return the payment status of each form submission to Formstack, which you can view in the “Payment Status” column of the Submissions tab in the Data of your form. In the old days, when a user submitted a form, you didn’t know if they completed a payment or not once they went on to PayPal. Now, both Google Checkout and PayPal return the payment status to your Formstack account, which will show if the payment is pending, completed, failed, etc.

Google Checkout along with our other payment options now give you power to do more with your online forms, let us know in the comments below how you will be using a Google Checkout.