Smart Routing Using Conditional Logic

Written by Chris Lucas on August 5, 2008

Posted in Formstack Updates

For those of you who use the Conditional Logic (Skip/Branching) feature in your forms you know how powerful a tool it is. By providing different questions to your users, based on the answers they provide, you can quickly and easily build smart forms that obtain the data that you really need.

That is why we are excited to announce our new Smart Routing technology. Smart Routing uses conditional logic to help you customize the way that you handle and process your forms, giving you even greater control once a user has submitted your form. Smart Routing works with Notification Emails, Confirmation Emails, URL Redirects, and PayPal processing. You can find Smart Routing settings in the “Email & Redirects” tab for each form.

Notification Emails

Setting up Smart Routing with your Notification emails you can quickly route forms to different people in your organization. Before this was available, if you had a contact form that had multiple departments within your organization (Sales, Marketing, Support, etc.) and you wanted people within those departments to receive the submissions there was no way for them to just get only the submissions that related to them.

Now using the Smart Routing you can direct submissions based on the user’s responses. i.e. if a user selects “Sales” on your contact form, only the email you set up to receive sales submissions will receive those queries.

Confirmation Emails

Smart Routing for Confirmation Emails is perfect for order forms, event registrations and other forms where you want to customize your message based on how the user responded. For instance if you wanted set up an order form for vacation packages and you had three different packages. In the confirmation email you can send different messages depending on what type of vacation package the user chooses.

Submit Actions

Smart Routing can be used in very powerful ways to redirect users after they have submitted their form. You can use Smart Routing to show different custom messages, similar to the Confirmation Emails, or you can use it to redirect to an external URL or to PayPal. Redirecting to an external URL or to PayPal is perfect if you have set up a form to process orders. You can now set up a field that has Payment Type and have multiple payment types (PayPal, Credit Card, Check) and redirect users accordingly.

Using Smart Routing will give you much more control on you manage your forms and how you interact with your customers, and website visitors.

Have interesting ways in which you are going to use this feature? Leave a comment or contact us to see how you can be part of our user profile series!