Simple Contact Forms for Lead Generation

Written by Chris Lucas on September 16, 2008

Posted in Form Optimization, Lead Generation

Our friends over at Hanapin Marketing have a great post about the importance of simple contact forms when using them as a lead generation source. While we may not be PPC Heroes, we do know something about creating easy to use web forms.

From their blog post:

The contact form is typically the gateway to allow people to submit their information to a company.  This is the gateway for the consumer to initiate a conversion with your company. You need to keep your contact form simple.

We couldn’t agree more. That is why you can create a simple form in seconds using our drag and drop form builder.  And while the form is the first step, one of the advantages of Formstack is the ability to collect and quickly manage all that data you receive.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our demo or create an account and see how you can start using contact forms as a lead generation source!