New Paypal Integration Features for Your Forms

Written by Formstack on October 21, 2008

Posted in Formstack Updates

Many of you are already using PayPal integration on your forms to accept payments, but our recent update gives you the potential to do more than ever before with PayPal. You can now send data for single or multiple items to PayPal as opposed to only a single item in the past. Also new are options for non-profit donations and recurring subscriptions. Whether you want to use our forms to create an order form, take donations for a charity or charge a monthly fee for a service, Formstack has you covered.

Today, we’re going to show you the basics of using PayPal on an order form with one or more items.

It’s simple to integrate PayPal’s Website Payments Standard service with Formstack. For basic PayPal integration, you need two form fields, a price or product field and a quantity field. When setting up your price/product field, you can click on “Use separate values” and associate a price with your product name.

Next, under the Settings tab for your form, click on E-mails & Redirects and create a Submit Action to “Send to Payment Processor: PayPal”.

Now click on Payment Integration and Enable PayPal.  Type in your PayPal e-mail address and then choose your price and quantity fields from the drop-down lists.

If you have multiple items, you set those up the same way by clicking on the Multiple Items option in PayPal Integration.  However, you may instead choose to calculate a total on the form itself using a self-calculating form field and pass that number on to PayPal as the Price field, leaving the Quantity field blank.  Either method for multiple items will work, although if you have dozens of items, it may be easier to calculate your total on the form itself using a hidden field rather than add every single item under the PayPal Integration menu.

Check back to learn about how to use our other payment features.