Mobile Forms: Formstack for the iPhone

Written by Chris Lucas on December 1, 2008

Posted in Formstack Updates, Mobile Forms

As Formstack continues to develop into an app that helps manage your business we want to make sure your forms and data are more accessible. That is why we are excited to launch our new Formstack iPhone app, giving you access to your forms and form data on the iPhone and iPod touch.

We are fortunate to have a leading iPhone app developer, August, on our team (he even wrote a book on the topic) and we know that you will see his expertise shine through in how we leverage the power of the iPhone and the power of Formstack.

We have launched two versions both of which are available on the App Store in iTunes.

The Pro Version ($9.99) will allow you to:

  • View or collect form data from anywhere
  • Search through your data
  • Build complex searches and save them for repeated use
  • Upload images to your form using the iPhone camera
  • Upload audio to your form using the iPhone microphone
  • Tag each form submission with GPS coordinates

The Free version will allow you to:

  • View all your form data from anywhere
  • Search your Formstack data
  • Create complex searches and save them for later use

There are a ton of cases where a person or a team could deploy this in the field. For instance something as basic as an accident report form for Insurance agencies. Fill out a form, upload picture of the damage, record a witness testimonial and submit the form all in the field, no paperwork to fill out. There are a lot of other uses for your forms and over the next few days we will provide some more examples to help get you thinking about ways to deploy this in your business.

You do need to have one of our Formstack plans and you will need to access and enter your API key. You can learn more about how to set up the Formstack iPhone app in our help section.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the newest addition to the Formstack family!