Make Your Contact Form Work for You

Written by Chris Lucas on December 17, 2008

Posted in Form Hacks

We were asked the other day for tips on how you can use your online contact forms and online lead generation forms in smarter ways to really create value for you and your business.  Some of the tips below might seem basic but ofter overlooked by the majority of people who are creating their online forms.

  • Don’t make them intimidating: Many people try to gather too much information. Only collect the real valuable stuff (Name, Email, Phone if you need it). If you feel like you need a longer form use functionality like “Conditional Logic” that allows you to show or hide information based on how someone answers a question. That way you can control what information gets shown to whom.
  • Use Redirects: As soon as someone clicks submit don’t leave them hanging. This is your opportunity to continue the conversation. Redirect to another page on your site for them to gain better insight about what you do. Send them to a special promo page, whatever it is keep them engaged on your site. They just submitted information to you – they want to interact – keep them engaged.
  • Do something with the information you collect: Don’t sit on the information. Respond to it right away. Even sending a confirmation email as soon as they fill out your form can go a long way in keeping communication going.
  • Use Data Intelligently: Formstack allows you to use Smart Routing to “route” data to different people depending on how questions are answered. For Example: You have a sales lead form and the user can select a region; East Coast, West Coast and Midwest. Depending on what region the user chooses, route form submissions to the proper Sales Manager. Having that information routed to the right person allows you to act on the data quicker.

Have other tips on how to create a better contact form? Let us know in the comments below.